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From john-paul delaney>
Subject RE: problem with WebAppConnection at boot time
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 22:22:43 GMT

FWIW, I've noticed that the Tomcat-Apache sequence works when the text:

Starting service Tomcat-Apache
Apache Tomcat/4.0.1

is written to the $CATALINA_HOME/logs/catalina.out

log.  Would it be possible to check in the daemon script for this/or whatever process triggers
it - in order to complete successfully?


On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, John Wadkin wrote:

> The error "Web-application not yet deployed" is a weird and wacky one. It
> seems to come and go. If you restart rather than stop and start Apache at
> the command line, it seems to manifest itself. It sometimes disappears of
> its own accord with no intervention from me!
> As I understand it, it's caused by Apache starting before TomCat has fully
> loaded. But this wouldn't explain its weird behaviour. I think it's a known
> bug that's "fixed" in TC 4.0.1
> My rc script starts both TomCat and Apache (i.e. not separate scripts) with
> a sleep 10 between the commands. This "appears" to work but who knows :) I
> don't think further separating the scripts (i.e. S2 and S99) would make much
> difference in terms of time.
> John
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> happens to him.
> Aldous Huxley, Texts and Pretexts , (1932) p. 5
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> From: Cindy Ballreich []
> Sent: 07 February 2002 19:30
> To:
> Subject: problem with WebAppConnection at boot time
> I've been reading through the archives and I've seen a lot of questions
> about using mod_webapp. In general, mod_webapp seems to be working pretty
> well for me. My problem is that it doesn't seem to be able to make a
> connection when httpd is started at boot time. 
> I'm using RedHat 7.0 and I've written init.d scripts for both Tomcat 4.0.1
> and Apache 1.3.19 (both installed manually rather than from RPMs). Tomcat
> starts before Apache (Tomcat is S80 and Apache is S89). Both seem to be
> starting correctly and both can be accessed directly from their respective
> ports. The problem is that the Apache error_log has a string of entries
> like this...
> [Thu Feb  7 10:20:24 2002] [error] Connection "conn" cannot connect
> [Thu Feb  7 10:20:24 2002] [error] Cannot open connection "conn"
> ... and when I try to access a jsp from one of the contexts defined by
> WebAppDeploy in Apache, I get a "WebApp: Error 404 (File: wa_request.c
> Line: 198) Web-application not yet deployed" page, and an entry in the log
> like this one...
> [Thu Feb  7 10:20:42 2002] [error] Web-application not yet deployed
> Interestingly, viewing the source of this error page gives me the html that
> should be produced by the jsp application I was trying to access!!
> Restarting my web server seems to correct this problem. The connection is
> made and my jsp files are accessible as I would expect. This indicates to
> me that my configuration is essentially correct, but something is
> preventing the connection from being made at boot time. Could Tomcat not be
> fully loaded when Apache is trying to start? Should I put more space
> between the init.d scripts? Are there other daemons that need to be started
> in order for webapp to deploy?
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
> Cindy
> By the way, mod_webapp is version 1.0.1 built from source with -DEAPI.
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