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From Øyvind Vestavik <>
Subject dbxml with tomcat
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:25:41 GMT

This may not be the right forum, but...

System prop:
	OS: Win2000pro
	ServletContainer: Tomcat4.0.1 (Standalone)
        db Server : dbxml 1.0b4

I have some servlets collection info from xml-files stored in
dbxml/xindice  via
XML:DB api. To get these servlet running and accepting XMLDBException and
other classes from the api implementation shipped with dbxml by Tomcat I
have placed the 'dbXML.jar' and the 'xmldb.jar' in

The problem is that as soon as the dbXML.jar is in this directory the bat
files shipped with dbxml don't work anymore. (No problems with
'xmldb.jar', though, but I need them both..) I can't start or shutdown the
server and I don't have access to the command tools.
But the db server itself seems to be running smoothly if it is already
started before i add the 'dbxml.jar' to {JAVA-HOME}/jre/lib/ext.

Has anyone had any experience with this, and does anyone have a workaround
for it?? Or is this just a bug i have to live with?

I have tried to place these files in the 'jakarta-tomcat/lib' directory
and also in the 'jakarta-tomcat/common/lib'directory,
but that didn't work at all. Tomcat still trew javax.ServletException when
it didn't find them in the {JAVA-HOME}/jre/lib/ext...

Hope someone can enlighten me..

Øyvind Vestavik
Øvre M=F8llenberggt 44b
7014 Trondheim

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