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From "Brian Peasland" <>
Subject Newbie can't run own JSP in Tomcat (404 - File Not Found)
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2002 17:17:19 GMT

I'm running the following:

Tomcat 3.3 w/ JDK 1.4.0
Microsoft IIS 5.0

I installed Tomcat as per the directions in "Tomcat IIS HowTo". When I go
to http://localhost:8080, I can get to the installed JSP examples. They all
appear to run fine. So this tells me that Tomcat is up & running just fine.

Now I wish to run one of my own, albeit simple JSP pages that connects to a
database and displays the results. When I try to load my JSP page in my
browser, I get the 404 - File Not Found error message. I know that I've got
the proper path to the JSP page. In my Tomcat window, I see the following
error messages:

Ctx() : Class not found: TOMCAT/JSP/dw/tkbrowse2/employees.jsp
Ctx() : Status code: 404 request:R(   +  /dw/tkbrowse2/employees.jsp +
null) msg:null

This tells me that it can find the class I'm referencing in my JSP page.
The only class in my JSP page is java.sql.*. I've added my jar files to my
CLASSPATH environment variable for this class, but it still can't find it.
Any ideas?


Brian Peasland - Database Administrator
Raytheon Systems Company
USGS - EROS Data Center
Sioux Falls, SD 57198
Phone: (605) 594-2742
Fax: (605) 594-2525

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