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From "Anthony Jones" <>
Subject Apache 1.3.20 + Tomcat 4.0.1 + WARP Connector
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 00:36:50 GMT

I am having problems implementing servlets and JSP pages using Tomcat 4.0.1
and Apache 1.3.20 (mod_ssl) on Solaris 8.

Initially, after searching on the web, I used the AJP connector as this
(according to what I read) was the recommeded connector to use.  After
having Tomcat hang several times and reading that Tomcat 4 only has beta
support for the AJP connector, I changed to the WARP connector. All seemed
to be going well, but eventually, instead of Tomcat hanging, Apache would

I found one reference on the internet to this problem, and this was stated
as a known problem with the WARP connector. The only probable solution was
that the latest WARP connector could be downloaded from the CVS area and
compiled. However, no guarantee was given that this would work.

Therefore, I find myself in the position of having to implement servlet and
JSP pages with Tomcat and have no reliable connector to use with Apache.
Also, I cannot use the standalone server in Tomcat as I need the SSL
encryption provided by Apache.

Does anybody know of any solution to this problem, or do I have to go back
to Tomcat 3.3.

Thanks for your help.


Anthony Jones
Senior Programmer (Applications and Development)
Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) Ltd

Phone: +61 7 38581285

  "If a train station is where the train stops,
           what is a work station?"

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