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From Randy Layman <>
Subject RE: General questions about Tomcat<->Apache
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 13:55:36 GMT

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> From: Thomas Stiller []
> Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2002 8:01 PM
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> Subject: General questions about Tomcat<->Apache
> After having worked with some other servers I am currently 
> evaluating Apache and Tomcat.
> The problem is that I could not find any article or tutorial 
> which gives an general over view over the relationship 
> between Apache and Tomcat (and jdk).
> E.g
> indicates that Tomcat can be run independently from Apache. 
> But what can I do with Apache
> what I can not with Tomcat or vice versa ?

Apache is a web server.  Tomcat is a JSP/Servlet container.  Tomcat can run
JSPs and Servlets (which Apache can't without something like Tomcat).
Tomcat can serve web pages (latest versions have support for SSI and CGI),
but its primary focus is Servlets, making Apache much faster at other forms
of content than Tomcat.

> Is Tomcat an add-on or a replacement of Apache ?
Both.  It can replace Apache, but with a performance hit for static content.
It can be an add-on to give Apache JSP/Servlet functionality.

> If Tomcat has the full functionality of a web server why do I 
> need in addition Apache web server?
Speed.  Perhaps feature support that isn't in Tomcat (i.e. mod_perl).

> Which version of Tomcat works (is compatible) with which 
> version of Apache ?
> Is Tomcat 4.0.2 working with Apache 1.3.23 or only with 2.0.* ?
All Tomcat 3 and 4 can be set up for Apache 1.3.x (perhaps 1.2.x, but don't'
quote me on that).  Apache 2.0.x support isn't fully completed, I believe.

> A link on the page mentioned above promises a description on 
> how to integrate Tomcat into
> Apache but on the referred page I cannot find such a 
> description. How do I do it ?
> Does the same Tomcat binary work as a plug-in for Apache and 
> as a stand-alone server or do I have to download two separate 
> binaries ?
Tomcat website is  There is a lot of
documentation there about Tomcat and from there you can browse the CVS
repository, which has even more documentation.

> Sorry for these general questions but I found them not 
> answered in the internet.
> Thank you
> Thomas
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