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From "Eric Ace" <>
Subject Cannot get SSI to work on Tomcat 4.0.2
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 04:57:28 GMT
I justdownloaded and installed Tomcat 4.0.2. I am trying to have an html page do an SSI of
a separate shtml. I am running Win2K, Java Standard Edition 1.3.1_01. I have scanned the list
and can't see why this shouldn't be working...
Here's what I'm doing:
File "main.html" contains the text:
<!--#include virtual="/hdr.shtml" -->

Per release notes, I have:
1. Uncommented the ssi servlet declaration in \jakarta-tomcat-4.0.2\conf\web.xml
2. Uncommented the mapping for the ssi servlet in the aforementioned web.xml file
3. Renamed the file \jakarta-tomcat-4.0.2\server\lib\servlets-ssi.renametojar to

My web app is installed under the webapps directory in a folder called "irt". So, the full
path of the main.html file above is "\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.2\webapps\irt\main.html", and the
file I'm trying to include is "\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.2\webapps\irt\hdr.shtml".
I must be doing something obviously wrong because it simply does not work. There are no errors.
Nothing in the logs. I look at the source coming down to the browser and the include directive
is being passed directly through. Yet if I hit that page directly in the browser URL the page
is in fact retrieved:
Help is much appreciated...
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