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From Max Kington <>
Subject Re: PLEASE URGENT: log off problem!!!
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 12:43:05 GMT
Hey there, what you need to do is have your tomcat process running as a 
system process.

Load control panel->Administrative Tools and hit services. Find Apache tomcat
and make it use local system account, as appose to a particular user.  Should
start up then before you login and still be around when you logoff.

With regards to your session, sessions have a certain longevity anyway.  If you
want your sessions to stay around longer look at the config xml.  If you 
need more
persistence than the memory restrictions on your server allow then commit data
to a database.


At 14:02 06/02/2002 -0800, you wrote:

>Hi, guys!
>I have an jakarta-tomcat-3.3-m4 on a win2k professional OS that is
>runnig as a service on that machine.
>My problem is that every time an user does log-off from windows 2000
>and after that does login, my jakarta service is stopped!!!
>Another problem that I have is that I'm loosing the session variables
>(by loosing the session itself) if I do nothing in my webapps for an half 
>an hour or so.
>Please, could anyone help me with these? I'm running uot of time...
>Thanks for tip.
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