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From "Cato, Christopher" <>
Subject RE: HELP PLEASE!!!: JSP/Tomcat/MySQL
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:06:48 GMT
Can we see the code where you allocate the driver handle and the connection?


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From: fusterjj []
Sent: den 21 februari 2002 17:23
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: HELP PLEASE!!!: JSP/Tomcat/MySQL

Hello JSP developers! 

I have a problem trying to connect to MySQL database when I am doing a JSP
or a servlet. I think the problem has to be with Tomcat, because when I do a
java application with a database connection works perfectly, so there must
be Tomcat. 

I am working with Java j2sdk1.4.0 and Netbean as my IDE. When I compile the
JSP under the IDE does not give me any errors but when I try to see the
result with Tomcat 4.0 does not seem to recognize the mm.mysql driver and
gives me the following errors:

Generated servlet error:
D:\Apache Tomcat 4.0\work\localhost\_\JspMySQL$ Class
org.apache.jsp.Connection not found.

Generated servlet error:
D:\Apache Tomcat 4.0\work\localhost\_\JspMySQL$ Class
org.apache.jsp.ResultSet not found.
ResultSet results;

It gives me more errors, related to the connection. If you are willing to
help me I can send you the exception report that Tomcat generates. 

I would really appreciate if you help me about this issue, because I am
beginnig to get frustated. 


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