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From "Justin Rowles" <>
Subject RE: NewB/Default Servlet:Can't find .gif
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 15:55:00 GMT
> Hello List...

Hallo Newbie ;-)

> NEWBIE:  I want to generate the welcome page for my domain so 
> I mapped a test servlet to "/" in the web.xml for my context.
> PROBLEM:  A test.gif image is not rendered by the servlet - 
> as it appears the path is not found.

Are you trying to return html including an image link (such as <img src="test.gif">)
or trying to stream an image via the servlet?  

If the latter, then jsp is the wrong tool - it is text only.  If not, read on:

*** Can you send us the location and output of your jsp page and the location of your gif
please? ***

It sounds like a simple problem.

> OBSERVED:  If I map the servlet instead to "/intro" then the 
> test.gif is rendered ok.
> TRIED:  Using various path combinations"/test.gif", 
> "test.gif" etc - no result.
> NOTE:  I've read some postings advising locating files should 
> be done as in InputStream [getResourceAsStream()].  Is it 
> applicable in this case when all I want is a simple 
> 	out.println( "<img src=\"/test.gif ... etc )?

Oh, then you are trying to do it right!  Good.

You're only jealous cos the little penguins are talking to me. 

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