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Subject Re: AW: Limiting Memory usage with Tomcat 3.2.2
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 07:32:55 GMT

I saw that the problem its that tomcat created more than 200 process
of 0.8 MB each, there is anyway to limit the quantity of threads?
Sorry, maybe its a dumb question :P, but I'll apreciate any help.

Best regards,

RE> The default for the ibm and sun jdk is that the memory is limited
RE> to some extend.

RE> The limitation can be set through the option -Xms -Xmx for the jvm.

RE> This just limits the heap size. What you can't restrict is the memory 
RE> for the code and data segments. (To be honest I don't have a clear 
RE> idea how memory is managed in a VM. E.G. if a class is loaded at 
RE> runtime, will the code and static data be allocated on the heap of 
RE> the VM? If not, the memory usage can be quite unlimited if you have
RE> enough classes or static data in the classes)

RE> The sun vm has an additional option to set the thread stacksize: -ss

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>> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2002 07:29
>> An:
>> Betreff: Limiting Memory usage with Tomcat 3.2.2
>>   Hi, there is any way to limit the Memory usage in tomcat 3.2.2?
>>   I'm getting troubles with 2 GB RAM server, tomcat eat almost all the
>>   resources, and now the server its in swap.

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