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From Dave Ferguson <>
Subject Re: General questions about Tomcat<->Apache
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 14:45:34 GMT
Thomas,  I will try to help a little.]

Thomas Stiller wrote:

> After having worked with some other servers I am currently evaluating Apache and Tomcat.
> The problem is that I could not find any article or tutorial which gives an general over
view over the relationship between Apache and Tomcat (and jdk).
> E.g
> indicates that Tomcat can be run independently from Apache. But what can I do with Apache
> what I can not with Tomcat or vice versa ?
> Is Tomcat an add-on or a replacement of Apache ?
> If Tomcat has the full functionality of a web server why do I need in addition Apache
web server?

It is definitely NOT a replacement.  It is not high performance when compared to Apache and
doesn't have as many features.  The main reason you would want to use Apache is performance.

> Which version of Tomcat works (is compatible) with which version of Apache ?
> Is Tomcat 4.0.2 working with Apache 1.3.23 or only with 2.0.* ?

I believe that 4.0.2 will work with both.  I am currently trying to get 4.0.2 working with
Apache 2.0.x (which is still in beta), but it is not as easy as I thought.  I have had Tomcat
3.2.x working with Apache 1.3.x for a long time.

> A link on the page mentioned above promises a description on how to integrate Tomcat
> Apache but on the refererred page I cannot find such a description. How do I do it ?

The Tomcat distribution includes documentation for ths.  Check out webapps/tomcat-docs/config/index.html.
 There are two different connectors for getting them to talk: Warp and AJP.  The AJP method
has much better documentation.

> Does the same Tomcat binary work as a plug-in for Apache and as a stand-alone server
or do I have to download two separate binaries ?

The same binary works as both.

> Sorry for these general questions but I found them not answered in the internet.
> Thank you
> Thomas
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