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From Keith Simpson <>
Subject Re: J2EE and Tomcat
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 13:00:04 GMT
How very ironic - we have the same name - and we have the same
question!  I put mine out yesterday.  Is this a parallel universe or
something?  I am running 3.3 tomcat on my dev platform and need to use
javamail.  (which can be picked up separately or in j2ee)  We are
developing a new product with JSP (used to be all servlets) and I find
that there is a problem when it comes to compiling the JSP when I
replace servlet.jar with j2ee.jar  Otherwise, I believe it works just
fine.  (that's a big stumbling block)  I am wondering if I am going to
need to go to tomcat 4 - or what - to get around this one.  My issue
with 4 is that I will have to migrate it to my production environment
(apache/tomcat), and that we resell to others with all sorts of app

I will be watching for your replies to this one...

Keith Ng wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I just joined in, Happy Chinese New Year, esp to the all the Chinese here.
> I have the following query, its not exactly a TOMCAT question but I figured
> people here can help. I have installed J2EE and have previously used TOMCAT.
> Therefore I have the following queries....
> 1)There are many versions of TOMCAT, but Im only using a pretty old version,
> like 3.2.2. I want to try run my web application on a J2EE server. Are both
> J2EE and TOMCAT using the same specifications for JSP and SERVLETS?
> Currently using J2EE 1.3 ...
> 2)Am I supposed to continue using TOMCAT to develop web applications for
> deployment in J2EE? I certainly do not know how to do the same with J2EE
> what I have learnt with TOMCAT
> Hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks ;)
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