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From Liam Holohan <>
Subject Re: Apache + Tomcat
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 13:06:02 GMT
Gang Wu wrote:

> Hi,
> I wonder where i can find doc for installing Apache as web sever and plug in
> Tomcat as servlet container only. Or Can anyone please give me a short
> headline about this issue.
> regards
> Gang
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loads of docs available for installing apache and integrating tomcat..
easiest thing to do is ...

(Linux/unix version)
download apache src

apache_1.3.22.tar.Z  (a gzipped' tar ball of source code)

put the src somewhere on your machine and do a
gzip - d apache_1.3.22.tar.Z
tar xvf  apache_1.3.22.tar

I wrote a script to build it called "buildapache..." put it into the 
same directory as your unpacked apache and run it as root
(I'm building it into my own location (/home/wasp/modules/apache/1.3.22)

./configure --prefix=/home/wasp/modules/apache/1.3.22 
--logfiledir=/home/wasp/modules/apache/1.3.22/logs --enable-module=most 
--enable-shared=max --enable-suexec
--suexec-logfile=/home/wasp/logs/suexec.log --suexec-umask=077
echo DONE
make install

This should get your apache server up

Then download tomcat and install
I downloaded the binary and unpacked it in /home/wasp/modules/tomcat/4.0/

you can integrate apache and tomcat with either jserv mod_jk or 
mod_webapp  (loads of documentation on the web about this stuff)

Search google for mod_webapp for example.  there is an article in the 
best pratices of sun website called "making tomcat work with apache"

hope this gets you started..

Liam :-)

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