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From "Lloyd H. Meinholz" <>
Subject Re: apache or tomcat
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 16:22:56 GMT
My feeling is that if you have much static content and are able to get
the connectors working easily, use apache, otherwise use only tomcat. 

An advantage of using tomcat as a web server is that you have only one
server to setup, configure and consume resources instead of two. If most
of your site is dynamic, your requests are pretty much just passing
through apache on their way to tomcat anyway and that is a delay.

One thing that I'm a little concerned about is the performance
difference of apache/ssl and tomcat/ssl. I have no reason to doubt
tomcat/ssl, I just don't know how mature it is compared to apache/ssl (I
know, it's really JSSE right?). From the doc, it appears generating a
certificate request for VeriSign and installing it is not too difficult,
but until I've done it, I'm worried about that too.

I am in the process of moving several iPlanet/JRun sites to only tomcat.
I tried for weeks to get mod_webapp built on my environment with no
success. I have given up hope now but will probably look back in a few
months and see if things got any better. I didn't want to look into
mod_jk since that connector seems to be on the way out (I don't want to
spend the time learning something that already has a replacement). I
decided that since at least 95% of our sites are dynamic anyway, I will
use only tomcat. 

One final point, if you want to use other applications that are cgi-bin,
then you definitely need apache. I have this situation on a couple of my
sites and that is why I will continue to monitor the develoment of the


Gang Wu wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm choosing between 2 solutions.
> 1. Apache as web server with SSL config, tomcat as servlet container
> 2. Tomcat as both web server and servlet container with SSL config.
> I do need some help to distiguish those 2 solutions. does tomcat as web
> =
> server have any obvious disadvantages?
> regards
> Gang

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