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From Adam Myatt <>
Subject JSPInterceptor Option Affecting Performance???
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 02:10:49 GMT

I have an interesting question that hopefully someone can answer.

I was reading the DOCs about JspInterceptor in server.xml and came upon
[what I thought] was a great concept. Setting the "largeFile" option to
true extracts the HTML and puts it in a separate .dat file. I thought this
was great since it made the .java's created smaller and in turn the
compiled class files smaller. After examining the code though, I see to do
this, it uses a char[][] called "_jspx_html_data". I'm assuming this is bad
since using such a large data structure residing in memory would hinder
performance, especially if more than several files are doing so (and with
many simultaneous users as well).

 Does this indeed cause worse performance (as opposed to leaving
"largeFile=false" and therefore the HTML as out.print statements in the
class) or does the JVM garbage collector handle the cleanup after the
compiled JSP page is output to the browser.? I would appreciate it if
someone could clear this up and perhaps give me any ideas/info on real
pros/cons to doing it either way. Many thanks.

 - Adam

Tomcat 3.3
JDK: Sun Java 1.3.1
System: Wink2k SP2

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