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From Hari S <>
Subject configuration issues in Tomcat Server
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 14:24:28 GMT
If someone has come across these issues with Tomcat
server and have overcome, plese let me know. 

1. After updating JSP/jar files in Tomcat server, do
we need not stop and restart the server?. if i don't,
it hangs. if i restart, i am able to access my pages
from browser. Any solution???? 

2. How do i set output log directory for my
application in Tomcat server. 

3. How do i increase session time for my application
in Tomcat server? 

I don't face these problems when i run through WebToGo
Server if i use Jdeveloper. 

For more details on this problem, please read the
detaile problem given below
Thanks for your help in advance. 


I face these problems now. 

My environment is Oracle Jdev 3.2.3 for JSP
development. Tomcat4.0.1 as Application server plugged
into IIS webserver and Using oracle 8i as the database

1. Whenever I update my JSP's and Application jar
files, I copy from staging area to the deployment
Tomcat Server application specific directories. The
files are getting copied(overwritten). After that when
i try to access my context/application in Tomcat
server, my browser simply tries to browse and doesn't
bring up the homepage of my application(say

I need to stop the tomcat server and restart again.
Then I get it. 

Is there anyone who came across this error and
possibly help me to solve this? 

2. In my JSP files, I log the user actions into a text
file in the server. In WebToGo Application server(WTG)
of Oracle, I am able to specify the path of the output

But in Tomcat Server, by default the output files are
getting created in C:/Tomcat/bin directory. 

I donno how to set an output directory, where the
files will be written to and set an input directory
from where my custom application properties files will
be read from. 

Can anyone help me in telling in which file and what
attributes, i need to set the input and output
directory path in Tomcat Server? 

Can someone help me in giving suggestions or solutions
for the above problems? 

3. I have a JSP (say emplist) which shows all the
employees details with empno, ename, depyno and sal as
the four columns. 

I have a up and down arrow images near the column
names. Upon clicking it, it will call the same page
and sort the column either desc or asc based on the
previous display order. The column on which the Arrow
button displayed is stored in session variable. 

This sorting in JSP perfectly works in JDeveloper and
when i run using WebToGo Server(WTG). But when i
deployed in Tomcat,This sorting doesn't work. 

The page simply stands. and when i go back and front
browsing my other pages of application, i lose the
position of the arrow button and it behaves
unexpectedly by showing up in some other columns. 

is there any reason for this kind of behaviour? 

Thanks a lot in advance. 


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