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From Richard P <>
Subject Tomcat 4 + IIS without bothering with Contexts
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 01:49:51 GMT
I currently develop a large set of webapps I
inherited, all written in VBScript (ASP).  I'd like to
move to JSP (99% of the bugs I encounter are due to
VBScript's terrible type checking/handling).

I've got Tomcat 4.0.1 integrated with IIS, reading the
/examples context just fine (VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: 
When the HOWTO says to restart the IIS service to get
it working, you have to use the Services control
panel, not the IIS manager).

Currently, the /secure directory on the server
automatically requires SSL and authentication for ASP
pages.  I'd like to be able to just drop my JSP pages
right along side the ASP pages that are there.  I've
read through the docs, and they all seem to assume
that one's JSP pages are going to be in
$CATLINA_HOME/webapps/yourwebapp.  I just want to have
IIS treat any old .jsp file as JSP, anywhere on the

Is this possible?  I just tried adding .jsp -->
isapi_redirect.dll to the Default Web Site ->
Properties -> Home Directory -> Configuration -> App
Mappings in IIS, but that didn't work.  Telnet to port
80 and requesting a .jsp file results in the
connection being immediately closed.

(Sorry if this is a double-post.  Internet connection
acting funny.)

Richard Ponton
(Trying to stealthily replace ASP with JSP >:)

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