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From Jochen Schwoerer <>
Subject Re: Not Virual Hosts: Re: Can multiple URLs with a single IP address be mapped to discrete Applications in Tomcat 4.0?
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 11:28:38 GMT
I think you have to create two virtual hosts (one one and
one for these are mapped to two different directories eg.
webapps/aa and webapps/bb.
in server.xml it should look like this:
<Host name="" debug="0" appBase="webapps/aa">

<Host name="" debug="0" appBase="webapps/bb">

i hope thats what you are looking for! if not please explain your
prob. again. maybe i misunderstood it.


Hello Micael,

Sunday, February 03, 2002, 5:11:28 PM, you wrote:

MPOmG> Hi, Jochen, thanks for the help.  But, I think, unless I misunderstand, 
MPOmG> that virtual hosts are not the solution.  Virtual hosts are defined by the 
MPOmG> Host element in server.xml.  Hosts are parents to one or more web 
MPOmG> applications, each represented by a Context component.  I can see nothing 
MPOmG> in a virual host that allows us to introduce the variable of a URL, e.g. 
MPOmG> versus, incoming to the site.  However, since I am 
MPOmG> the one having the problem, maybe I misunderstand.  Could you expand on how 
MPOmG> you think this solves the problem of mapping, e.g., the url to 
MPOmG> the application webapps/aa and the url to the application 
MPOmG> webapps/bb?  Thanks.

MPOmG> At 12:01 PM 2/3/02 +0100, you wrote:
>>i think you are looking for something called virtual hosts. tomcat can
>>do virtual hosts. look in the tomcat documentation after the host
>>Hello Micael,
>>Sunday, February 03, 2002, 7:46:13 AM, you wrote:
>>MPOmG> Clear question: No answers????
>>MPOmG> The subject, supra, asks the question.  If you have a number of URLs
>>MPOmG> pointed to a single IP address, can you map the URLs somehow to 
>>MPOmG> web applications in Tomcat 4.0?
>>MPOmG> I have read everything I know to read and cannot get the answer to 
>>this.  I
>>MPOmG> know I could do it with JBoss and Tomcat 3.2.4 and the context
>>MPOmG> manager.  But, I don't see that in Tomcat 4.0.  What's up?
>>MPOmG> Sure is hard to get a response to this question.  Have no idea
>>MPOmG> what.  Please don't tell me the stuff that is simple and covered 
>>like how
>>MPOmG> to set up directories, etc.  I know how to handle aliases, how to 
>>MPOmG> multiple IP addresses on the same machine, etc.  My question is
>>MPOmG> specific.  How can I get, e.g. and when 
>>MPOmG> are pointed to a given IP address, (for example), to 
>>map to
>>MPOmG> webapps/aaaaa and webapps/bbbbb?  Or, is this not now possible?
>>MPOmG> Some people have suggested that, since I don't know the answer to 
>>this, I
>>MPOmG> need to essentially take the classes I teach for fun.  Lord.  If 
>>only they
>>MPOmG> could answer the question instead of loading me with pompous 
>>MPOmG> drivel.  I do thank those who have tried.  I don't know where to 
>>look at
>>MPOmG> this point.  I may just write the classes to do it.
>>MPOmG> Micael
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