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From John Wadkin <>
Subject RE: Servlet POST results in 404 error
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 19:43:34 GMT
The servlet is an application that has numerous modes. If I want to create a
new user of the app, I type the URL:


I enter all the details of the new user, and the servlet "posts" this info -
a get would show password details in the URL. It then creates a page:


Informing me of the outcome of the attempt to create a new user - i.e.
success or failure. At this point it fails with a 404. The logs give exactly
the same info. I've checked everything I can think of and changed the
DocumentRoot in Apache to the webapps/webappname directory. No joy! As I see
it there are two possibilities:

I've misconfigured TC and/or Apache - but how?
The servlet implements or does something that is no longer supported in
TomCat and/or the latest servlet API.

I'm at a loss!



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From: Ken Martin []
Sent: 26 February 2002 19:08
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Servlet POST results in 404 error

On Tuesday, February 26, 2002, at 12:25 PM, John Wadkin wrote:

> I'd give you the URL but I'd have to give passwords and 
> stuff... It goes
> like this:
> servername/webapp/servletname/stringofnumbers

I had some JSP pages that worked on Netscape but not Tomcat. It 
turned out that Tomcat wanted to see a "=" separating the 
name=value pairs. From your example above, it looks like you're 
just trying to pass some numbers so you don't actually need 
the "=" (informationally), but Tomcat does to pass it on through 
the request.

Simply adding the "=" fixed it for me. Now, sometimes I'll add a 
label as the value, like: thedata=a_label, which is a visual 
convenience but ignored by the backend.

Just my experience.

Ken Martin

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