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From "Dave Ford" <>
Subject classes NOT in WEB-INF/classes or CATALINE_HOME/classes
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 14:14:38 GMT
>From my understanding of Tomcat, unjar'd classes should be placed in
WEB-INF/classes for ONE web app, and  CATALINA_HOME/classes for shared
access by ALL webapps (correct me if I'm wrong).

Here is what I would like to do: make an un-jar'd class library available to
ONE or ALL web apps. And NOT place them in pre-designated directories.
Reason: I have a development box that runs Tomcat, Orion Server and Web
Logic. It also runs non-webapps. I have a common set of classes used by all.
Don't want to maintain multiple copies of the common class library.

I understand that a webapp is supposed to be a self contained deployment
unit, but it seems that classes should, optionally, be allowed in user
defined paths. In Orion Server, this can be accomplished by adding a
classpath entry to orion-web.xml (one web app) or server.xml (all web-apps).
How can this be done in Tomcat?

Dave Ford
Smart Soft - The Developer Training Company

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