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From "Marcin Jaskula" <>
Subject RE: How to "include" across contexts/webapps?
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 18:13:17 GMT
> > I'm trying to build a website in a typical sort of way, with headers
> > and footers isolated and "<%@include%>"'ed into the actual
> > pages. However, now I'd like to modularize somewhat and decompose
> > parts of the site into their own projects/contexts, while still having
> > each project share common headers and footers. Unfortunately,
> > "<%@include%>" is relative to the current context, so I haven't been
> > able to figure out a good way to share the header/footer information
> > across each of the contexts/apps. Is there a canonical way of doing
> > something like this?
> >
> In my own apps, I accomplish your goal in an indirect manner -- I keep a
> single copy of the shared header/footer files in a CVS repository that is
> separate from my Tomcat webapps directory.  Then, as part of deploying a
> particular webapp, I copy in the shared files out of this repository into
> *each* webapp that requires them.  That way, I still have a single source
> file to change in case updates are needed, at the (insignificant) cost of
> a little extra disk space.


If you work on UNIX make one directory with the common files and
in each of apps directories make symbolic links to the common dir.
If you modify a file in a common dir you see the changes in all apps
without committing and updating CVS. And you do not need extra
disk space.


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