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Subject How Session-Replication works when clustering Apache/Tomcat
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 14:48:34 GMT
Hi everybody,

to distribute the load of client requests of our web application and to
guarantee reliability we have to do hardware load balancing and use two
redundant web servers.
For that we have to cluster Apache 1.3.23 with Tomcat 3.3a on our machines.

The file (sketch.txt) shows a scenario with our actual

         webserver1 |Ap\ac/he &|
                    | To\/mcat | <- Session-ID (3)
                  /    /  \  ||
                 /           ||
        ________/_           ||
        |  HW-   |           || (4) Session-
    (1) |Balancer|           ||     Replication??
        |________|           ||
                \            ||
                 \           ||
                  \          \/
                    | Apache & |
         webserber2 |  Tomcat  | <- Session-ID?? (5)

Look at following scenario:

For example, if a user logs in he gets his own session ID. The hardware
balancer decides to forward his request to webserver1 and some information
this session is stored on that machine.
Then the same user sends a request again but webserver1 is not reachable
of any reasons! Of course the hardware load balancer forwards his request
webserver2. How that machine gets the previous session information?

  - Is it possible to configure Tomcat 3.3a in that way to do Session
  - Is there any plugin to install for Tomcat 3.3a to guarantee this?
  - Or have I implement that for my own?

Of course I've searched in the internet to get information about it and
almost all newsletters on jakarta's website. But I didn't found any useful

With kind regards,

Alexander Ladinig
System Architect

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