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Subject how to get changes to web.xml without restarting tomcat
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 16:16:58 GMT

     My dilemma as I understand it is this.  Tomcat is run at root level,
requiring restarts of both Tomcat and Apache to be performed by the system
administrator.  For changes to take effect in web.xml (so far as I can
tell) Tomcat must be restarted.  This means, bugging the system
administrator to restart Tomcat and then restart Apache.  Anytime an
init-param changes I have to go through the sysadmin.  As I recently
inherited a bunch of servlets, and they have migrated from windows to Linux
and from JWS to Tomcat, as you can imagine there are many changes to such
parameters.  Is there a way to get around this at all?  Reloading class
files is already transparent to the sysadmin, either through a reloadable
context, or the manager application, but the web.xml changes are bringing
me down.  Do I have to write a custom servlet?  It seems to me that Tomcat
should allow for something basic like this.

Thanks to any who take the time to try to help.

Timothy DD Martin
CSC - GreenTec IV
(301) 794-2815

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