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From "Brown Bay" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Performance Expectations?
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 14:45:22 GMT
Hi Randy,

Thank you for your reply.

> One common misconception that people seem to have about Tomcat (and
> application servers in general) is that you can predict how well an
> application will perform on that server without any real details of the
> application, but exact hardware details.
I understand that it is a vague and open ended question and I mentioned it
so in the email. What I am looking for is a ballpark figure that might not
work for me but will give me something to shoot for/surpass. Not having
worked on Tomcat or any other app server performance issues leaves me asking
this question.

> For almost all applications that Tomcat is going to serve, the
> majority of CPU time will be spent in your application.  The majority of
> network traffic will be specific to your application.  The majority of
> memory might be your application (Tomcat might actually tie with you
> The point being, of all the possible factors that can limit the
> per second or whatever other performance metric you want to consider, your
> application is the biggest blocker, not Tomcat, not the OS.
That is true. My application does require network traffic. But I have used
network monitoring tools like ntop etc. and am sure that network is not a
bottleneck for this application. About the memory, I have used OptimizeIt
and know where the memory bottlenecks are and am confident that garbage
collection takes care of it (though there are some places that can be tuned)

> My best advice is for you to try it out.  Set up a load test and
> see.  One potential bottleneck you didn't mention, by the way, is your
> bandwidth between you and your users - this can also limit the number of
> transactions (which is a rather vague term when discussing app servers)
> will receive.
I have used load tests and for a single test it takes close to 3 min and
have tested for 500 instances of the same test at the same time achieving
decent performance. Bandwidth is not bottleneck bcoz all users are on T1

So what I am looking for are ballpark figures. Hope this information helps
you and other tomcat list users to estimate the application. For the benefit
of other "listers" I am pasting the email I wrote earlier below.

> >
> > I have a single servlet based application. This application
> > is accessed
> > througha browser and travels over to a high performance
> > database through a
> > RMI-IIOP connection. It is not the best application in terms
> > of code tuning.
> > We are deploying this application on Tomcat 4.0.1, Apache
> > 1.3, Suse Linux
> > 7.0 on a PIII 800Mz machine with 800Mz RAM. We are not
> > planning on adding
> > multiple instances of Tomcat/Apache for the time being (or we
> > are not quite
> > sure that our machine might be able to sustain that many
> > threads of either)
> >
> > Based on this what is the maximum number or requests that I
> > can expect to
> > obtain from my applications. Can I expect say 1000 (or maybe
> > 5000 or more)
> > concurrent users. How many requests/sec can I expect while delivering
> > acceptible response on the browser.
> >
> > The reason I have asked such an open-ended question is that
> > you might have
> > deployed your production system on such a configuration and must have
> > achieved some bechmarks. Please take the time and give me an estimate.
> >
> > Thanks in advance.



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