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From "Daniel Parnell" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.01, IIS and JSPs
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2002 20:14:43 GMT
G'day Ingo,

    the problem with redirectors is that is requires an IIS plugin and my
client is not to happy about that.
IIS is unstable enough without adding another point of failure.  The approch
I have taken has the added bonus that none of the Tomcat config files need
to be changed.  The admins I am dealing with find messing with anything like
this just too scary.  If there isn't a GUI for it then they go into a corner
and gibber ;)

    as for logging, here is a section of one of my log files

21:16:47 POST /matters/login.jsp 200
21:16:47 GET /matters/matter.htm 200
21:16:52 POST /matters/login.jsp 200
21:16:52 GET /matters/loginfailed.htm 304
21:18:46 GET /matters/matter.htm 200
21:18:51 POST /matters/login.jsp 200
21:18:53 GET /matters/logout.jsp 200
21:18:53 GET /matters/matter.htm 200

    the sourceforge project has been approved, now I've just got to get the
files up there which I should be able to do some time today.


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