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From "Brian Adams" <>
Subject RE: Ap 1.3.22+TC 4.0.1+NT4+webapp=Hangs loading graphics
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 02:05:08 GMT
bug in Warp connector.
If you need to use webapp then maybe download 4.0.2b  and try that.
I know folks checked it out of cvs a month ago and it worked.  
good luck,

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Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 7:56 PM
Subject: Ap 1.3.22+TC 4.0.1+NT4+webapp=Hangs loading graphics

Running the following:
- NT 4 Server
- Apache 1.3.22 + Tomcat 4.0.1 using mod_webapp
- Both Apache and Tomcat starting as NT services
- Both Apache and Tomcat work great independently

Two issues:
(1) Have to Restart Apache after bootup:
- Apache won't recognize Tomcat's area (e.g., /examples/)
unless I restart Apache after bootup.  Is there a way to have
Tomcat start before Apache, or is there another solution?

(2) Server hangs when loading Tomcat graphics from Apache:
- When accessing a web page that's in the Tomcat area from
Apache, if the page has graphics, it hangs.  For example, using the
following (my NT machine's DNS = sawebd01):
http://sawebd01/examples/jsp/ - The text for the page loads right
away, but it hangs trying to download the 3 image gif's.  When I
press Stop and then Refresh (IE 5.5), I get the following error:
WebApp: Error 500, (File: pr_warp.c Line: 438), Invalid packet 16.
After Stop, Back, and then try to load the /examples/jsp/index.html
URL again, the 1st graphic (gears, for Execute the example) is
loaded, but it hangs trying to load the 2nd graphic.  If I Stop and
try to click one of the example Execute links, I get the 500 error
again.  On the other hand, clicking Source brings up the next page
with the link for the source (e.g., Source code for numguess example)
... along with the two graphics (gears for Execute and arrow for
Return).  And clicking the link brings up the source code; but clicking
either of the other links (Execute or Return) makes it hang again.  And
after this scenario, I have to stop both Tomcat and Apache, and then
start (1) Tomcat and then (2) Apache manually (or just reboot - and then
restart Apache to correct the first issue mentioned above.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

[Ashish - I finally got Apache to talk with Tomcat by restarting 


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