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From (ras)
Subject tomcat and ultadev
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 09:08:02 GMT

I'm new to jsp and I'm trying to configure ultradev to work with the jsp
taglib. Up to now I've installed and worked with tomcat, for me that means
that tomcat was installed right.
I'm on train to follow the tutorial that come with the taglibs distrubution
and when I copy the *.war directory in the webapps and then place a copy of
the TLD file of  custom tag library into the TLDParser.war/tlds "directory?"
or the TLDParser/tlds directory when  I create it by hand,  then tomcat
does't start any more. I don't kwon what it is, I've tried many things, but
I come always to the error point again.

Pls help


PS:I've attached the messages in a file.

Mannheimer Str.1

76334 Leopoldshafen

Tel 07247 20176
Tel 07247 963991

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