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From "Hargurjit Singh Malhi" <>
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Hi All,
I am using Tomact3.2.4.........

Could somebody please explain me the usage of tomcat.log........I  want to 
put all the messages that appear on the server starting page(by this i mean 
that when you say startup in Windows environment...tomcat opens another 
window where it shows all error mesaages etc..) to go in tomcat.log....

But when I specify the path for tomcat.log in server.xml, the only differnce 
is that the initial starting info of the server  is written to the 
tomcat.log but all other errors that appear when running the application 
still continue to appear on the server starting page

Could anybody tell me how can I trap these messages in a final 
objective is to write these to the Unix syslog...

Any help will be appreciated.......



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