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From "Jiger Java" <>
Subject Possible bug in Tomcat 4.0 final
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 06:47:24 GMT
Hi all,
       I am using Tomcat 4.0 final, Win98, JDK 1.4 beta 3.

Problem description :I feel that Tomcat is loosing some values from the 

Problem explanation : In the application we are building,I have tomcat 4.0 
final running on win98. In my app the user logs in, & his username,password, 
userid, and Language obj(for multilingual stuff in my app), etc etc are 
stored in this session.
  As he roams the application many different objects arestored in his 
session. Now if I recompile some of my servlets/classes, Tomcat reloads my  
application due to change in class. Since I have one <loadonstartup> servlet 
I can see it load. But then a very funny thing happens. The user logged in 
looses some data from his session!! where as some others are left intact.
  I have noticed that all Strings kepts in session are left intact but all 
objects I had kept are removed.
  Can uall tell me if I am missing something or is this a possible bug in 

Awaiting your replies,

Thanking you,

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