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From "Anil Bhagwat" <>
Subject Help !!! JNI & Tomcat (UnSatisfiedLinkError exception)
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 22:34:44 GMT

I have been trying to use JNI on Win2K using tomcat 4.0. I am running into a 

I keep getting UnSatisfiedLinkError exception. This doesn't happen when I 
execute the JNI from a sample JAVA application. I have placed the DLL under 
\winnt\system32 directory. The DLL is a C++ COM DLL compiled using MS Visual 
C++ 6.0. I tried using a C++ (no COM) DLL and a C DLL but no success.

I tried creating just a simple function that doesn't accept any parameters & 
doesn't return any value. But, still it doesn't work. So, the problem is 
unlikely to have with the param types etc.

I tried this on several versions of Tomcat but no success. I think the app 
finds the DLL correctly but can't find the method within correctly. I 
suspect this has something to do with Tomcat configuration (security ??).

Has anyone seen this problem before ? While browsing thru' archives, I saw 
quite few people have run into this issue, but didn't notice any resolution. 
I would appreciate any help on this issue.


- Anil

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