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From "Bill Saur" <>
Subject Answers to LifecycleException Questions
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 21:10:04 GMT

I tried twice to send this to your e-mail address and it came back as
undeliverable both times(it said because: "User georg.burkhardt/ew/rbg/de
(georg.burkhardt/ew/rbg/ not listed in public Name & Address

In answer to your question as to how to stop the IM program: it runs in the
system tray so you just have right click on the icon and choose exit from
the list.  I can't run the IM program and Tomcat simultaneously or the IM
program will interfere.

As Anton Brazhnyk suggested, I tried to telnet to the port to use the Tomcat
shutdown command and it would not even connect.  I ran <netstat -a> and saw
the IM program listed in there and suddenly a light bulb went on in my head.
As I mentioned in one of my Tomcat Users posts, at one point, using
<netstat> I found the shutdown port (8005) in a TIME_WAIT mode. It struck me
that IM is the kind of software that is programmed to pursue and hold onto a
connection on a continuous basis, so I decided to try exiting the IM program
to see if that could be the source of the interference and sure enough it
was.  I uninstalled and reinstalled Tomcat and ran it without the IM program
running and the problem was solved.  So there you have it.


Bill Saur
Spokane, WA

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