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From "Jeff Prideaux" <>
Subject Tomcat sample application quirk with using apache
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 18:17:47 GMT
This may be a simple problem.

I followed the Tomcat instructions in the documentation to create the sample
webapp (myapp) consisting of the following: one image, one html file, one
servlet, and one jsp file.

All is well when I run it under Tomcat.  I can browse to each file and
refresh each one multiple times.

When I run it with tomcat plugged into Apache, I get some quirks.  Note that
I load the page and then hit the refresh button on the browser a few times.

The html page works fine: http://localhost/myapp/index.html
The servlet works fine: http://jeffp-desktop/myapp/hello

Although, the jsp page is acting erratically.  One the first time I browse
to the page, it usually comes up fine. http://localhost/myapp/hello.jsp

But when I hit refresh on the browser sometimes the page locks up.

Interestingly, when I browse to the same jsp page from a different machine
(browser running on different machine than the machine running apache and
tomcat) I can refresh all I want and it never locks up.

Can anyone think of why I am having problems refreshing the jsp page when my
browser is running on the same machine as apache and tomcat?

Thanks in advance...

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