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From "Jeff Prideaux" <>
Subject directory organization advice
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 18:34:28 GMT
Can anyone give me some quick advice on how to appropriately organize my
directory structure to have Apache serve up the static content (images and
html files) and Tomcat serve up the dynamic content (JSP files,etc).

For simplicity, consider the sample webapp (myapp) given in the tomcat
documentation consisting of the following files as deployed on my win2000pro
box (ignoring the servlet for simplicity)


With Tomcat plugged into Apache, does Apache automatically serve up the
static content (index.html,tomcat.gif)when it is located under the myapp
directory?  Or do I have to place the static content somewhere other than
under the webApp directory for Tomcat.

Would I need to place index.html and images\tomcat.gif under the doc-root
for Apache outside of the webApp for Apache to serve it up?

Another way of asking this is when I deploy the myapp sample with Tomcat
plugged into Apache and the static content is served up, is it Tomcat that
serves it up or is it Tomcat that is serving it up when the static content
is located under C:\tomcat\webapps\mayapp...

Thanks in advance...

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