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From Justin Rowles <>
Subject RE: <TC> Re: 64k limit on POST variables?
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 14:48:31 GMT
> In my case, I wasn't checking the variable on the server at the right
> point.  Tomcat was sending >64k just fine (I discovered after adding a
> decent amount of debugging).  I happened to be putting the result in a
> database column that was limited to 64k.  Hence the reason that I ran
> into the problem that I did.

Oops!  Perfect opportunity to use some <blush> </blush> tags there ;-)

> FYI, after some searching on the web, it appears that POSTs 
> do NOT have
> a built-in limit.  GETs are limited by what the browser and server
> support..  But POSTs have no official limit.  (Only warning is that
> they are 'inefficient' for large data, and that multipart forms are
> suggested for that)

But in reality, within the constraints of real, non-infinite machines, they
will *both* be limited by the browser and server.

You're only jealous cos the little penguins are talking to me. 

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