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From "Andrew Gilbert" <>
Subject Issues with class loaders and <jsp:include> in Tomcat 3.3
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 00:06:15 GMT
We are using Tomcat 3.3 Final. Having a curious problem on certain jsp
pages that try to dynamically load classes located in a jar in the
WEB-INF/lib area of the web application. The apparent differential is
the use of <jsp:include> tags within the page.

The details are as follows:

Using Weblogic 5.1 sp9 trying to a do a naming lookup inside a tag. If
the page containing the tag also has a <jsp:include> then the lookup
fails. Get a class not def error when trying to setup the initial
context, cannot find weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory. This class
in located in a jar in WEB-INF/lib. If the <jsp:include> is removed from
the page the class is found and the naming lookup succeeds. Also, if the
class has already been loaded within the app, by another page without a
<jsp:include> or by a servlet, then pages with the <jsp:include> will
work. Ie, this only seems to be a problem with the initial load of the
class by the web application class loader in combination with the
include tag.

Only diffs in the generated page code are the expected
pageContext.include pieces. I would guess the problem lays somewhere in
that direction.

Using a static include directive vs the include tag does make the
problem go away and may be our workaround for now. However, would prefer
to use the tag.

Would appreciate any insight.

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