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From Tom Bednarz <>
Subject Re: Binary Dist. tomcat 4.01 Win32 can't find jdk on installation
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 07:38:43 GMT

It seems very likely that your environment variables exceed the maximum 
allowed bytes. I am not sure but I think it is 4 or 8 KB. Since changing 
the environment variables (such as path, classpath etc) requires a reboot 
for system variables, many software vendors do not properly uninstall 
software and after a while you have a lot of crap in your path variable. 
Clean it up manually (in Control Panel, System Icon, Advanced Tab, 
Environment Variables Button),  reboot your box and it is most likely that 
your JDK is recognised by TOMCAT.


At 28.01.2002 18:46, you wrote:
>Why would this happen?
>When I try to install jakarta-tomcat-4_0_1.exe on my server I receive this
>error message:
>"Couldn't find a Java Development Kit installed on this computer. Please
>download on from"
>This is strange, because there is a jdk installed (how else could JRun be
>running on the server)?
>The same happened on my development machine. First I thought, that might be
>because I have JDK 1.4.0 on my dev machine. But obviously the reason is
>something else.
>Can anybody help me?
>What is the installation procedure's "criteria" for a jdk?
>Michael Kastner
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