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From Micael Padraig Og mac Grene <>
Subject Re: Problem with JDBC-Connection to DB2 from Tomcat4.0.1
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2002 00:18:08 GMT
The answer to this is always the same, the class is not where your 
application is looking.  So, that is the correct answer.  Without knowing 
more about your situation, it is hard to tell what that means.  Find out 
where the application is looking for the driver.  The driver is not 
there.  Put it there.  Case closed.  That is my experience over and over 
and over, etc.  Hope this is not too clever and is meant to be helpful.

At 09:05 PM 1/25/02 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello list,
>is there anyone, who has an idea or can explain me the following situation:
>My JSP-file imports a self-written class named 'Connect'. This class 
>should connect to DB2 with using IBM-app-driver. If I start this 
>application, I get a ClassNotFoundException because of the driver.
>I have tried, to copy the driver to the local directory and the 
>WEB-INF\classes\-directory. Then Tomcat says: Can't find bundle for base 
>My pure java-program '' on the same computer can connect to 
>DB2 without problems. It uses the same driver as the Tomcat-Application.
>Is it possible, that Tomcat doesn't use the same CLASSPATH as the system? 
>And if, how can I say Tomcat, where he can find the driver?
>Many greetings
>Anja Falkner

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