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From "Cressatti, Dominique" <>
Subject RE: WebAppDeploy Vs WebAppMount
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 14:48:34 GMT
Are you saying that in order to get
something like:

working, I need to have something like:
"WebAppDeploy examples WarpConnection /examples"
in httpd.conf
and have a URL-to-Servlet mapping in a web.xml?


-----Original Message-----
From: Nikola Milutinovic []
Sent: 30 January 2002 13:39
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: WebAppDeploy Vs WebAppMount

>> it's there.
> sorry but I looked into
> but I couldn't find anything related to mod_webapp

It usually accompanies the distribution of Tomcat. Haven't looked lately.

>>I think you specify this in web.xml of the web application.
> but web.xml will relate to port 8080 (or whichever port tomcat listen
> to).

There seams to be a misconception here. Port is set in $CATALINA_BASE/config/server.xml, while
web.xml is in <Context>/WEB-INF/web.xml. "web.xml" sets up the particular context, dfining
URL-to-servlet mappings, parameters, etc.

> Frankly am rather confused how come web.xml wiil relate
> something in WebAppDeploy.

It won't, exactly. WARP is supposed to pick it up, the whole context.

>  seem to me that both can do servlet to URL mapping but while
> web.xml will be serving servlets on port 8080, Webappdeploy
> will do it on port 80 and that the 1 am interested.

Hmm, well, no, not exactly. "WebAppDeploy" does just URL-to-connection mapping, directing
certain URLs to WARP connection, while Tomcat does the URL-to-servlet mapping. Tomcat has
the final word, in any case.


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