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From Baer Peter <>
Subject Can't get it working: TC4.0.x + warp + Apache 1.3.20 + SuSE Linux 7.3
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 14:49:27 GMT
Hi all you,

thanks for your quick response. Before replying individually, I'd
like to post a couple of question.

Is the configuration depending on the existence of a directory or
symlink libexec?

I'm asking, because under SuSE Linux the Apache webserver modules
directory is /usr/lib/apache. Preceeding versions of Tomcat created
configuration files at startup automatically, with paths containing
libexec explicitly. The cure was a symlink libexec in 
/usr/local/httpd/htdocs pointing to /usr/lib/apache.
TC4 apparently does not create config files. And I *have* the
symlink, anyway. Just for better understanding...

Second question: Could anyone think of dependencies of SuSE vs RH,
that could explain my non-success?

Ok, here my individual replies to you:

Chris Newland: Thanks for your advice, I'll check out, what happens
	with a (and report the results, then).
	Certainly a good idea, I think. And, BTW, it's interesting
	that you already have Cocoon 2.0 --- this is, actually, where
	we want to go with TC4. So in case we have trouble, there's
	at least someone out there, who knows, how to do it ;-)

Anton Brazhnyk: Yes, if we don't make very soon, we'll drop back to
	TC3.3 and mod_jk. But first I'd like to give the combination
	of TC4 and mod_jk a go. Again I'll report my results, of
	And yes: Your messages are readable.

Tulan W. Hu: Yes, I have tried
	The response is a blank page, just like with, whereas
	(without the slash at the end) gives "Not found".
	In fact I followed your thread. Initially it looked as if you
	had a very similar problem. However, your solution (just a slash
	at the end of the URL) does not work for me, it seems... 8-(

Best wishes


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