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From Laura Reising <>
Subject Re: how to deploy WebApps in apache's UserDir's ?
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 09:14:46 GMT
Hello Craig, Jon and all others,

I'm playing around with the same thing at this moment.

> (1) In the <Context> element, the "docBase" attribute takes either a
> relative or an absolute pathname.  If it's relative, then it is resolved
> against the "webapps" subdirectory; if absolute, it can be anywhere.
> Thus, you can configure one <Context> element for each user that points
> into their own directories.

so far so good:

        <!-- Laura's Context -->
        <Context path="/laura"

Now I can get my JSP-Stuff under:

Fine - but now I try to get this Stuff over my Apache:
Therefore I tried this in http.conf:

WebAppDeploy /home/laura/www/jsp conn /jsp
(yes - "conn" is alive and kick'n)

What I get is:

"Web-application not yet deployed"

(same with "WebAppDeploy laura conn /jsp")

Any idea what to do?

Best regards

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