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From "Olivier BILLIARD" <>
Subject AccessControlException with Applet
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 16:07:27 GMT

I tried to established a communication between an applet and another
server by RMI. I also did it with some JSPs and it work fine. But with
the applet i have a problem.
I can do a lookup to get the interface but when i try to call a method i
get a access denied
( XXX:2113 connect, resolve)

I immediatly thinking about the policy and the catalina.policy file.
First i don't think that i use the security of Tomcat (because when i
want to put -security it refuses to start) but i modified the file to
set all permissions but it still refuse to work.
I don't see where is the probleme, i need some help.

NB. I already try to remove the spaces of the directory of Tomcat but i
didn"t solve my probleme

Thx in advance

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