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From James Thornley <>
Subject Tomcat robustness and scalability
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 16:26:12 GMT

I'm doing an assessment for a company to replace
weblogic with tomcat/jboss. I've managed to get an
installation using the jboss/tomcat bundle and am
currently comparing it to the weblogic installaion.

The good news is that (using jmeter), if I fire a
repetative single requests at both installations the
tomcat/jboss is as good as weblogic (it's actually
slightly faster)

If however, I set up 20 threads that fire the same
request simultaneously, weblogic breezes on (with a
slightly slower response time), but the Tomcat/Jboss
installation falls over. This is the error

[INFO,EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX] HttpConnector[8080]
No processor available, rejecting this connection

It does start up 19 new threads, but eventually
decides it can't start any more, at that point it
refuses to receive any more connections.

I am using the jboss/tomcat config files and cant find
any references to the maxProcessors parameter, so I
assume it is set to the default of 75.

The process is running on a solaris box, and
connecting to Oracle.

I would gratefully accept any comments on this as I
strongly desire recommending the jboss/tomcat
installation, but obviously can not do it if it
compromises the stability of the site.


James Thornley

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