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From David Hewlett <>
Subject Re: Asynchronous messages from servlets
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 11:59:21 GMT
On Tuesday 22 January 2002 8:50 am, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following problem. A simple form submits data
> to a servlet. The servlet sends a message via JMS to
> another application (in another JVM). Once the message
> has been sent, the 'service' method of the servlet ends.
> After a while, say five seconds, the other application would
> like to send back a response. How do I show this response
> to the user?
> Since the 'service' method has finished after sending the
> message, I have lost control over the output from the other
> application.
> What I need is a way to push the response to the browser. I
> would like the server to take the initiative in updating the browser
> window, not the user. Is this possible in any way?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ronald Wildenberg
You could do the following. If the client has JVM and permissions can be 
arranged to listen on a specific port (and any firewalls are going to allow 
the traffic etc)  then:
When sending your small form include a java applet that creates a task that 
simply listens on  a specific port.
Your asynchronous process can then return a message to that port. 

This has been done. (with IBM MQSeries java API)

Good Luck & regards,


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