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From E B <>
Subject Re: shipping a webapp
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 18:50:33 GMT
 --- Hans Schlenker
<> wrote: > E B
> > 
> > Hi
> > How do you package a webapp for shipping?
> > make a war? okay, but I want things to be
> > setup in other directories as well. like
> > putting some jar files in common/lib and
> > putting a file myconfig.xml in common/classes.
> > 
> Making a war should be fine. Why do you want to
> install things
> elsewhere?

well, I want my classes to be visible to soap webapp.
so I need to put them under common/classes.
Now once I take my webapp's classes up, I have to take
them all. so additional config files too in the

> I have the problem to use a native library from
> different web apps (i.e.
> different versions of the same one) which requires
> to install files into
> some shared location, e.g. $CATALINA_HOME/lib. This,
> however, yielded
> some runtime problems: see subject "howto install
> shared jar's at
> runtime" in this mailing list.
> Generally, if you want to deploy your webapp using
> the (Tomcat4) manager
> tool, there is no standard way to install files
> other than in
> $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/XXX . Copying anything
> elsewhere must be done by
> your own webapp. If this is your problem, I could
> provide you with some
> code that allows you to unzip one given
> jar/zip/war-file into different
> file system locations.

But it would not be as easy as deploying a war file.
just place it in webapps folder and start tomcat once
and its done.
In my case, a script needs to be run explicitly.
telling this to a user makes his life hard :)
It seems I have to live with this :-)

> Regards,
> Hans

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