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From Matthew Hunter <>
Subject mod_webapp and ServerName redirect
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 18:09:02 GMT
I'm using Apache 1.3.19 and Tomcat 4.0.1 with mod_webapp.
mod_webapp is redirecting to the ServerName in the apache
configuration unless you access a specific file -- that is, 
I can access and get redirected to, but if I access I get the expected file.

I understand from reading earlier messages on the list that this
is a known issue.  People have suggested moving to AJP rather
than mod_webapp.  However, I understood that mod_webapp was 
an improvement and supposed to be "the way of the future".  So
I'd like to find out what the official word on this issue is.

Will the behavior of mod_webapp change?  

Or, alternately phrased, is the current behavior considered a bug
or a feature?

If not, what is the favored manner to configure a test server
and a live server such that they can share a configuration file
with mod_webapp?  

I'd rather stick with mod_webapp if possible.  My current
configuration uses one configuration file with ServerName and ServerAlias  I could, I
suppose, include two virtual host entries with identical
contents and different servernames, but that seems a bit hackish.

If so, when is the change expected to occur?  ("Soon" vs
"Eventually" are all I really need).

Or, is there a way to achieve the desired behavior at present, by
changing a configuration parameter?

Matthew Hunter ( Linux-2.4.17 on an i686
GPG Public Key:
Fingerprint: 0CD5 FE63 0CB3 C996 7FFE  82F7 F9F5 A295 FA92 497C

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