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From Namrata Kasthuri <>
Subject trouble with apache 1.3.22 and tomcat 3.3 on redhat 7.0
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 23:02:35 GMT

I am trying to integrate apache 1.3.22 with tomcat
Here's a summary of what I've done

1.  intalled apache binaries and it runs fine

2.  installed tomcat binaries alone and it runs fine

3.  downloaded the module and placed it in
apache's libext directory

4.  modifed the tomcat server.xml file to include  
<ApacheConfig /> so that the mod_jk.conf file gets
auto-generated  (any specific place it should go?)

5.  modified apache's httpd.conf file to include the
above auto-generated file (last line of file)

6.  then I restarted both tomcat and apache and apache
doesn't start.  it says httpd could not start because
there is an error in the autoconfig file...that
something is mispelled or defined by a module that is
not included in the server configuration.

Can someone please tell me what I have missed or done
incorrectly, as I am new to all of these
technologies.....also, once working, how can I make
sure that tomcat is only being used as the servlet


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