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From puneet sachar <>
Subject problem with multiple application on Tomcat
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2002 10:57:55 GMT
To the technical team Tomcat ,

Sir I have a problem, Im using tomcat server 3.3 ,
now I have 3 different application rather one
application witrh different version 
Say for client A I have some classes that is version
For client B I have some classes that is version 2.0
which have might have exactly same classes that is
present in version 1.o or modified classes as required
by client B and some extra classes
And for Client C I have version 3.0 which again might
have same classes or modified classes .

Now I problem is I have to run that application on
same tomcat server but I want different application
only respond to their classes 

Is it I have to add 3 different JVM for different for
different classes or different Servlets context for
different classes and how would I add 3 different JVM
in one container.

If u doesnt follow my question please take this case

As I mention I have 3 different applications running
on my tomcat each have same class A
And Class A for client A prints in client A
For Class A for client B prints in client B
And For Class A for client C prints in client C

And suppose if class A is called by any one of client
which is print..

{According to me the class, which is set in class
path, is to be printed and I want classes should
respond to respective classes} 

Please Sir I m stuck because of this problem looking
forward for your suggestions

Puneet Sachar
Shyama Software Solutions
New Delhi 

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