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From Paul Phillips <>
Subject Re: images and login page for form authentication
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:47:06 GMT
Well, I figured it out - I had misconfigured a security constraint in my 
web.xml.  It took a nights sleep to finally realize that...

--On Monday, January 21, 2002 9:03 AM -0600 Paul Phillips 
<> wrote:

> System - Tomcat 4. I have setup form based authentication using a JDBC
> realm. The authentication works fine. When a user types a URL for a
> protected servlet, they are redirected to a login.jsp that is in an
> unprotected area of the webapp. After authentication, it returns to the
> servet for processing. Ok, fine.
> Then, I decided to add a banner to my login page so it would look like
> all the other servlet and jsp generated pages in the webapp. No matter
> what I do, the image will not display on the login page. I have tried
> every path name that I can think of, and tested paths that I know work
> that are on regular (not login) jsp pages.
> The funny thing is - when I have an image tag on the login page, the
> image doesn't show up when the page is first loaded (there is a broken
> image indicator is on the page) - BUT - after I type the name and
> password, then submit, the browser then shows that image, and no longer
> goes back to the servlet!
> So, obviously, the image is being protected from loading until
> authentication has taken place. However, the image is NOT in a protected
> area of the webapp. I tried it in the root directory of the webapp, and
> in a non protected subdirectory - no luck. Certainly there is a way
> around this. Anyone have ideas? I thought the whole basis for form based
> authentication was so that the designers could have their own design on
> the login page...
> Paul Phillips
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