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From Adam Constabaris <>
Subject error-page directives under Tomcat 3.2.4
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2002 18:08:32 GMT
I know questions related to this have been asked before, and that 3.2.4
is getting rather long in the tooth, but none of the previous
suggestions I've seen has worked, and I'm hoping someone can help me
with what I need to do to get <error-page> working.

I gather from reading various sources (including earlier messages on
this and other lists) that, under 3.2.x, $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/web.xml is
not read, or that it is read only if [webapp]/WEB-INF/web.xml does not
exist.  The webapp-specific version of the file must exist for our
purposes anyhow.  (conf/web.xml still exists, though -- AFAI can tell,
it isn't being read, because I deliberately broke it without complaint
from Tomcat).

I've tried putting 


into the appropriate places as specified by the DTD in both files (after
the <welcome-file-list>, and those are the last entries in our web.xml
files), but to no avail -- I always get the default error page.

I tried switching <error-code> for <exception-type>, but that didn't
work either (I'd also prefer to catch all errors, if possible).

(I'm using mod_jk, so Apache will handle 404 errors -- these 500's
aren't bubbling up to Apache's error handling)

Upgrading to 4.0.1 is not, at present, an option.  I take it that 3.3 is
not a drop-in (as 3.2.4 was with respect to 3.2.1).

Any advice?  something I overlooked?  Can I solve this without



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