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From "Tom Drake" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat, the JRE, and a CD-ROM
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 00:42:47 GMT

Tomcat only needs tools.jar (from jdk) for compiling JSP's. If you
your JSP's (using JSPC), you can deploy them as servlets (with servlet
in web.xml). Your run-time will then be able to run everything with only
the JRE.

Tom Drake

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From: "Paul Gross" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2002 4:28 PM
Subject: Tomcat, the JRE, and a CD-ROM

| Here is a strange question for anyone who thinks that they can help
| me...
| I am trying to send a runnable version of my web application on a CD,
| so that it can run entirely from the CD, without installing anything on
| the user's machine.
| I plan to do this by having a copy of the JRE plus my web app (JSP
| files, Servlet claass files etc) on the CD, and pointing both JAVA_HOME
| and TOMCAT_HOME to the appropriate direcories on the CD.
| I have tried an experiment on my hard disk by setting JAVA_HOME to my
| JRE version 1.3.1, and my Tomcat 3.2.1 seems OK with this.
| When Tomcat starts, my pages still work - it does not seem to need the
| Java compiler, and so it seems reasonable that a CD would work as well.
| What I don't want top do is to burn a set of CDs, mail them out, and
| then find that there is some other limitation built-in to Tomcat that
| requires the use of the JDK instead of the JRE.
| Has anybody had any experience with this, or can anybody think of any
| likely pitfalls?
| Also, would it be possible to leave out the JSP files from the CD, and
| just use the compiled servlet code?
| Thanks in anticipation,
| Paul
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